Best Winter Sports for Online Betting

Not all winter sports are created equal when talking about betting. Some bookies, especially Nordic ones, may offer tens of different sports activities for betting, however there are still clearly some outstanding ones that are preferred by betting enthusiasts all across the world. In this article we’ll give you a quick overview of 5 winter sports that are most popular when talking about winter sports betting.

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Ski jumping

Ski jumping is without a doubt one of the most prominent winter sports in bookmakers selection. Answer to the question ’why’ is simple: ski jumping is simply fun to watch! Plus, the first one who takes the leap and gets to the bottom of the slope as first or makes the longest leap wins, so the rules are fairly simple.

One of the few factors that might ruin your odds are bad weather or something else unexpected, but other than that – ski jumping betting has simple rules and is available basically at every bookie.

Cross-country skiing

There’s something idyllic and thrilling about cross-country skiing. Once you’ve started watching the competition it’s almost impossible to stop yourself. Who will cross the finish line first? Who will fall down from exhaustion before even reaching the finish line? Can all competitors handle the challenging terrain? Due to the length of the competition, betting on cross-country skiing is one of the most competitive and interesting winter sports betting types, especially since it’s much harder to predict the outcome.


Watching biathlon skiing will get your blood pumping. Essentially biathlon is a winter sports activity where cross-country skiing is mixed with rifle shooting. Guns and sports – what could be cooler? As the nature of this sports is quite difficult and requires not only physical strength and endurance but also great accuracy, it makes it pretty hard to place bets on the outcomes as well. You can turn the odds in your favor by analyzing shooter’s accurary, speed and of course previous track record.

Ice hockey

It’s not an exaggeration to say that ice hockey might easily be the most popular winter sports, especially for those who are used to betting on football or basketball. Team sports are pretty similar in their nature, making it a lot easier for you to place winning bets if you’re already familiar with sports betting. There are also plenty of betting opportunities available for ice hockey matches at almost every decent bookie.

Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is like an artform – it requires immense strength and skill to excel in this winter sports and just one tiny error will ruin the chances of winning. When placing bets on alpine skiing, you should definitely take in account two factors: disciplines that make up the whole competition and the course that is being used. Though home advantage plays a great role in every winter sports field, it’s especially important in alpine skiing. If your chosen skier is not familiar with the course as well as his competitors, there’s a good chance he won’t be as successful as you would have hoped for.
These are just few examples of what betting on winter sports can offer for you. There’s plenty to choose from and it’s certain you won’t be bored ever again!